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Theta Healing

90mins - tap here for more info

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 150 Australian dollars
  • Location 1

Service Description

Theta is the brainwave the body uses in deep meditation. This is the state that an individual is in at night when they first start dreaming & also while in deep hypnosis. It is in this state that gives us direct access to your subconscious mind, which allows us to identify negative limiting beliefs and change them to create a life in alignment. Theta healing identifies the causes of blockages to the natural functioning of a person - such as belief systems, repressed emotions, fears, trauma & genetic defects. These blockages impact the flow of infinite spiritual energy by limiting it. It supports the transformation of mental limitations, blocks & obstacles and connects to the highest source to release the subconscious core beliefs on four levels - core, genetic, past life and soul. It can help increase creativity, foster healthy relationships, create wealth & abundance and treat all sorts of problems that effect the mind, body & emotions - including: - Chronic, degenerative & DNA-related conditions - Emotional distress - Relationship patterns that keep on repeating themselves - Low self-esteem - Patterns of self-sabotage - Stress - Inflammation - Depression - Trauma - Fear and phobias - Skin conditions - Addictions In addition to changing negative core beliefs, the modality can also be used to remove negative energies & entities present in people and homes. What to expect in your session: Each session begins with me asking you to think of something you want to release - whether is be a certain belief, pattern, blockage, emotion or physical ailment. Something that is showing up in your life that is not serving you. Next you will undergo muscle testing & then I will guide you into your subconscious mind via the theta brainwave state. It is from here that I will proceed to ask you a series of questions ranging from your current life reality, back into your childhood & (potentially) into a past life. This is a process called 'digging' & we continue until we reach the 'bottom belief' - the root cause - that is holding you back. Once we have identified the beliefs & blocks that are holding you back, I will begin reprogramming these bel You might also expect: - Removal of psychic attacks, curses, obligations/soul contracts, negative entities, oaths & vows. - Soul fretrieval - Messages from guardian angels, spirit guides & ancestors - Download new feelings and manifestations - Energy healing/reading - DNA activations

Cancellation Policy

Please notify at least 24hrs in advance of any cancellation. If you require a refund please note that this may incur a fee of up to 10% the cost of the scheduled service. Credits for future services may be applicable. Any cancellations less than 24hrs notice are subject to the fee amounting the full cost of the scheduled service.

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