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This pleasure & sensuality retreat is for women who yearn to experience life with more pleasure, self-love and pure orgasmic joy!

It is a day for women to gather together and explore their own feminine pleasure landscape and connect with like-minded women.

This is an invitation for the wild, untamed woman within you to enter a safe, fun and playful space.

The day will consist of intentionally curated experiences designed for attendees to connect deeper with their body, discover more about their pleasure and cultivate self-love. All women will be asked to bring something sexy to wear either for the duration of the day, or for their sensual portrait.

Women who attend this retreat can expect to: 

  • Connect deeper with their body through sensual practices

  • Learn about the anatomy of pleasure & female orgasms

  • Discover their own personal pleasure profiles & feminine desire

  • Participate in activities to communicate desires, feelings and boundaries

  • Connect with their sensual self and meet the sacred slut within

  • Release fear, shame & guilt around their body and sexuality

  • Cultivate an intentional and sensual relationship with themselves

  • Receive a luxury gift bag and delicious food


This day is an opening of a portal - one that does not close when the day ends.


An invitation for you to soften the armour that you have built around your sacred feminine nature,  sexuality and heart.


This day will invoke your sexy self, to explore and play. Knowing she is safe to do so - serving as an activation and remembrance that you are the embodiment of the goddess.



11am arrival


Opening circle

Yoniverse workshop

Pleasure communication & exploration

‘Sensual Self’ connection




‘You Are Art’ creative experience

Orgasmic breathwork

Sensual portraits

Closing circle


5pm departure

Awakening your feminine sensuality is (and certainly not limited to) -


  • Embodying your feminine essence and authentic expression

  • Moving out of your head and being in your heart and body

  • Living in alignment with the cyclical nature of the female body - slowing the F down

  • Overcoming patterns of distraction and welcoming more

flow into your life

  • Turning yourself on by living the life you create - heaven on Earth vibes

  • Being playful and having fun - allowing your inner child the space to experience all of the things that light her up, make her laugh and smile

  • Engaging all your senses in your every day life: smelling the f*cking flowers, feeling the warmth of the sun kiss your skin, really eating the food

  • Tapping into all the sensations and energy that builds in your body when you are experiencing pleasure i.e not only experiencing the person you are kissing, but feeling how it feels to be kissed

  • Claiming your feminine desire

  • Allowing yourself to feel lit up and joyful about anything, without any self-limitation

Self love is (and not limited to) -


  • Knowing you a worthy of it all and most importantly allowing yourself to receive it

  • De-armouring yourself to feel it all, knowing that it is your greatest gift and power as a feminine being

  • Buying yourself the f*cking flowers and taking yourself on

the dates

  • Communicating your needs and prioritising your pleasure

  • Upholding your boundaries with not only others, but with yourself - and keeping your word

  • Honouring and worshiping your body as nothing less

than Divine

  • Knowing you are the embodiment of the Goddess and deserve to be worshiped like one


Date: 10th February 2024

Time: 11am-5pm (expect we may run over)

Location: Central West, NSW (2.5hrs from Sydney)

Investment: $400



Disclaimer: This is not for you if you are not willing to get out of your comfort zone, you don’t have the ability to laugh at yourself and/or you’re not comfortable with nudity. This is a trauma-informed space, however it is recommended that attendees are at a stage of their healing where they are able to be involved in discussions that may be triggering around sex and are self-responsible for their own triggers. 

The facilitator, Madeleine Allgood, does not have any formal training or qualification in female sexuality and anything shared is not to be taken as medical advice.

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